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One of the vital components in achieving sustainable development and resource conservation is by promoting socially adaptive programmes that are responsive to people's and communities' aspirations, values and cultures. 

This is what we at Sustainable Agroforestry Initiative (SAFI) stand for. We facilitate socio-economic and cultural well-being of communities and support natural resource conservation.


Our Philosophy

We at SAFI work with the following philosophy:
Conservation and development: Conservation programmes that integrate socio-cultural, economic and ecological aspirations of communities conserve biological resources and improve rural economy


Inclusivity: Involvement of local people in conservation programmes promotes inclusiveness and supports local level participation to contribute to global environmental challenges while generating co-benefits.

Socio-cultural: Conservation programmes promote social coherence and strengthens communities and their cultural well-being.

Our Vision

We envisioned strong, self sufficient communities in healthy and productive ecosystems.


We work towards this vision by promoting local creativity and innovations and actively engaging our partners.


Our Mission

We  work collaboratively  with communities,  institutions as well local and national government to promote conservation and development.



SAFI is a partner to the World Resources Institute (WRI) and One Tree Planted Africa Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative (AFR100). This initiative is engaging smallholder farmers to bring 100 million hectares of degraded landscapes across Africa into restoration by 2030. Our organization involvement in this initiative is to plant 300,000 trees for the next 5-years and assist additional 1 million trees through natural regeneration of ecologically degraded areas within the Black Volta Basin in the Savanna region of Ghana

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