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Samuel Kwadwo Nsiah
Founder and President

Raised in a forest-dependent communities in rural Ghana, we enjoyed all the goodness from nature, such as fruits, nuts, honey, wild meats, and the spiritual protection from the forests. We feel fulfilled in contributing to the conservation of our forests for present and future generations.


Sustainable Agroforestry Initiative (SAFI) was formed as a non-profit orgainsation to encourage conservation and development in rural Ghana.




Miss Hannah Boaduaa
Projects Coordinator


We are committed to facilitate socially responsive programmes that actively involve communities for the responsible use of natural resources while maintaining the ecological, economic and social integrity for present and future generations. Our team is made up of volunteers who contribute their time and professional knowledge to support our programmes.



We work closely with rural communities in partnership with private and civil society organsiations as well government institutions in promoting conservation and development.



Our team, through active engagements develop and facilitate innovations that are socially, economic and ecologically adaptive to use natural resources for the socioeconomic and cultural well-being of society.


We encourage local creativity and innovation and facilitate evidence-based models that have helped in resource conservation and development from other parts of the world.


We conduct scientific research and data analysis for organisations that are engaged in conservation and development projects and programmes in Ghana. Here, we conduct baseline survey and data collection to support conservation and development projects. 

Contact us, we have data/information that will support your conservation and development projects



We love what we do!



We love what we do

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